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numerical simulation,rotary compressor, pump oil,different crankshaft structure


The oil lubrication system of the crankshaft pump is an essential part of the rotary compressor. In the crankshaft pump oil lubrication system, the crankshaft has two kinds of inner hole structure: straight through hole and horizontal hole. The direct through hole and the transverse hole are different not only in the processing mode and cost, but also on the oil quantity of the pump. In this paper, based on the CFD software the fluid field of whole compressor exhaust chamber under different speed is simulated, and the pressure pulsation curves of crankshaft through hole end and horizontal hole end are obtained, which is used as the boundary conditions of two kinds of crankshaft pump oil system simulation .Finally the influence on the oil pump of two kinds of the structure under the different speed is got. Compared with the straight hole, the crankshaft cross hole is more suitable for the frequency conversion compressor when the pump is relatively low at low speed and is less than the straight hole at high speed. The results are compared with the reliability long life and occlusion test, and the results are in agreement.