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aerodynamic noise, numerical simulation, structure optimization, soundproof enclosure


During the operation of the air compressor unit, the suction and exhaust process of the air compressor and the operation of other equipment will cause air flow pulsation, which is often accompanied by the generation of air compressor noise. Numerical simulation method, as an important means to study the flow field characteristics and noise characteristics of air compressors, has been widely used in recent years. This article takes the noise enclosure of a certain air compressor unit as the research object, and use numerical simulation method to study the air intake part of the enclosure. The influence of inlet louver and suction deflector on the aerodynamic performance of air compressor noise enclosure was analyzed, and the influence of different inlet louver structures and different suction deflector structures on noise was compared. This paper uses the broadband noise model to predict the distribution of air flow pulsation noise. In order to quantitatively study the noise, the FW-H model based on Lighthill's acoustic analogy method was used for the aerodynamic noise simulation, and the frequency response of the aerodynamic noise of air compressor was obtained.