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natural frequency, pressure fluctuation, vibration, compressor


With the continuous improvement of social life, people have more stringent noise requirements for home air conditioners. As the kernel of an air conditioner, compressor provides power for the whole system, inevitably generating vibration and noise. Therefore, Reducing the vibration and noise of the compressor is great significance for the noise reduction of the air conditioner. Generally, vibration is mainly transferred through the suction and exhaust pipes to the air conditioning pipe system. However, due to the complicated configuration, there are intensive modals for the pipe system, especially those in low frequency range, which may lead to resonance and large acoustic radiation. This paper studies the generation and transmission mechanism of triple frequency vibration of compressor, the compressor exhaust pressure fluctuation stimulates the exhaust pipe to vibrate, and then results in vibration of the air conditioning pipe systems, and vibration generated by the rotor is transferred to intake pipe via the accumulator, and cause the pipe systems to vibrate. Based on this research, we find some main factors which influence the triple frequency vibration and noise of the compressor, which are the exhaust pressure pulsation, the natural frequency of the rotor-crankshaft system swing, the natural frequency of the accumulator swing. Then, above factors which affect the compressor vibration and noise are analyzed and improved separately, and conducted noise tests on the improved compressor at 90Hz. The results show that the compressor noise are reduced by 29.8% around 250Hz .