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Navier-Stokes, mobile mesh, scroll compressor


Danfoss Commercial Compressors is going on with detailed studies of the compression process in scroll compressors. Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes simulations are performed from the intake of the wraps until the exit of the machines, using moving meshes and a real gas equation for the R410A. Various operating points and rotation velocities are computed. The results are compared with detailed pressure measurements realized previously and already exposed at the Purdue Conference. The new technique of meshing, with generation of high quality structured grids for the mobile part, allows to compute quickly and with accuracy. The comparisons between computed and measured data show a very good agreement, and this is obtained for the reference point of the machines but also for high and low pressure ratios. The over or under-compression, typical of these conditions, is well represented. The total computed flowrates are also very close to the reference ones, for every tested operating point. These results show that the leakages occurring during the compression are properly modelled, which is a very important point for the prediction of the performances. This study shows a significant progress for the modelling of compression in positive displacement machines.