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Screw compressor, Part-load design, CFD simulation, Vibration analysis, Performance.


In the practical operation, twin-screw refrigerant compressors may suffer the partial load for a longer period than the full load, while different working condition leads to different response of noise and vibration on the compressor. In this paper, a new approach has been proposed to assess the vibration of a twin-screw refrigeration compressor under 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% load conditions. A powerful computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software, CFX, coupled with a professional grids generation software, TwinMesh, has been used to simulate the rotor loads and p-V indicator diagram which are then checked by the compressor manufacturer’s machine type selection program. Next, the gas-induced loads are applied in a rotor-bearing system established based on the multi-body dynamics for the purpose to assess the vibration signal and give some conclusions for different signal features.