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Variable Swash Plate Compressor, Oil Circulation Ratio, Oil Separator


The air-conditioning system operated by the variable swash plate compressor which is used in most engine vehicle is a convenient device that allows the user to comfortably maintain the temperature inside the vehicle properly. However, since the compressor is operated by the engine, the high efficiency of air-conditioning system to reduce fuel consumption and the compressor durability improvement on the high speed and high load conditions has been becoming the important issue. In this paper, the research of the compressor oil separator has been carried out to improve the system efficiency and to guarantee the compressor durability. The compressor circulates refrigerant and oil to the system, where the Oil Circulation Ratio (OCR) is an important factor affecting system performance and compressor lifetime. Therefore, we propose a method to minimize system performance degradation and to guarantee compressor durability by optimizing the oil separation function inside the compressor. For this study, the basic principles of oil separation are analyzed mathematically and optimized oil separator in the compressor has been suggested. Then, the optimized oil separator function is verified in the actual car air conditioning system.