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HORIZONTAL REVOLVING PISTON ROTARY COMPRESSOR WITH STATIONARY CRANKSHAFT FOR COMBINE CONDENSER/GENERATOR UNIT Dr. Nelik Dreiman Consultant, P.O.Box 144, Tipton, MI 49287 USA E-mail: Abstract A compact, space saving condenser/generator unit has been developed by combining a radially integrated horizontal revolving piston rotary compressor/ electric motor structure with an axially spaced condenser/cooling fan structure. A dual drive mechanism of the combine unit permits to operate it in generating mode when a motive power supplied by an external mechanical force, or utilize an electric motor mode to run the unit when an electric power is available. The revolving piston rotary compressor used in the unit has a stationary crankshaft *) which is common for the compressor entities (rotor block, piston, ect.) unidirectional spinning together in the motor stator cavity around the crankshaft. A side cap extruded axle has been used for rigid longitudinal mounting of a condenser and cooling fan structure for coaxial unidirectional rotation simultaneously with the radially integrated entities. The revolving condenser comprises multiple ring- shaped chambers interconnected by plurality of finned tubes. A discharge gas with entrained oil enters first ring-shaped chamber where gas separated from oil due to the centrifugal force effect. Both, vaporized refrigerant and oil are cooled during their separate flow, correspondingly, to a receiver ring chamber and oil sump. The cooling, which is due to high speed rotation of the condenser and operation of the cooling fan, partially condensed the refrigerant to a liquid. After second phase of centrifugal separation in the receiver ring chamber liquid refrigerant is forced by combine discharge pressure and centrifugal force to a liquid receiver compartment formed in the spinning rotor block of the compressor. A fixed to the stationary crankshaft tube within each (oil and receiver) compartments picking up fluid from the liquid rings formed inside of revolving rotor block compartments and delivered liquid refrigerant and oil, respectively, to a discharge channel and lubrication channel formed in the stationary crankshaft An internal suction gas delivery system which eliminates an external accumulator, excludes direct distribution of a refrigerant to the suction chamber provides double-stage liquid-gas separation to prevent slugging and supercharging refrigerant into suction chamber to improve performance of the compressor. The combine condenser/generator unit uses only single electric motor/generator to function. Some of the compressor design items which also contribute to better performance and reliability, reduced cost and space occupied by the unit are as follows: filter- drier cartridges embedded in the revolving piston wall; built- in oil line strainer in the lubricant compartment; a vane rigidly fixed in the revolving piston and housing reed type or spherical discharge valves; the electric motor stator which can be inspected, repaired or replaced without disassembly of the compressor. *) Dreiman N.I., (2014), US Pat. No: 9,458,848