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Rotary Compressor, Vibration, Critical Speed, Revolution Fluctuation, Dynamics Simulation


With a typical rotary compressor as the research object, the vibration mechanism of the rotary compressor was analyzed in detail in this work. And according to the work, the formulations of the tangential vibration and the radial vibration were proposed for the rotary compressor. First, the oil film stiffness and the damp coefficient were obtained by coupling the experimental testing method and numerical simulation. Then a dynamics simulation was conducted for the rotor system and the critical speed for the current rotor system was obtained, which was used to judge if the rotor system is a kind of flexible rotor. After that, with the aerodynamic force and the crankshaft deformation under consideration, the electromagnetic force, the electromagnetic torque and the revolution fluctuation rate were calculated and analyzed based on an electromagnetic simulation analysis for the motor of the rotary compressor. Finally, the tangential vibration and the radial vibration on the shell and the reservoir of the rotary compressor were obtained by using a dynamics simulation with the revolution fluctuation rate as the load for the rotor system. Based on the simulation result, the predicted results match well with the experimental test results. This work in this paper and the method used in this work provide a good reference for prediction of the vibration and resolving vibration problem of the rotary compressor.