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Vibration, Rotor compressor, NOPD shock absorber, Experimental research


The vibration of compressor shafting cause the uneven air gap between stator and rotor which intensify the Electromagnetic vibration of motor. The traditional damping technique cannot be used under high temperature and high pressure condition inside compressor. In order to make a vibration reduction of compressor shafting, a technique named Non-obstacle Particle Damping was used. Some special NOPD shock absorbers were designed for shafting vibration reduction. According to the structure of one inverter compressor, 4 NOPD shock absorbers with different number of particle filled in and material were made and fixed to the rotor to achieve optimum design parameters. Results of compressor vibration test show that the vibration was reduced apparently when NOPD shock absorber fixed in contrast with compressor without NOPD shock absorber. And the more particle filled in, the better effect of vibration reduction was achieved.