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Scroll Compressor, Oldham Coupling, Numercial, Experimental, Prediction


In scroll compressors, the Oldham couplings have typically been formed of aluminum alloy and have often broken issues due to the higher force that transmitted to Oldham coupling by the orbiting scroll. This problem was especially pronounced in scroll compressors and in particular during flooded start or slug conditions.  So, to enhance Oldham coupling’s strength performance in above conditions becomes an important work to Engineers. In this paper, about 30 pcs failed Oldham couplings which were broken in by flood start or slug conditions were investigated. Meanwhile, Oldham coupling’s stress distribution and deformation were simulated in ANSYS software. High stress zones and weak positions were got; potential failure risks were also reappeared in the simulation. After simulation, two optimized proposals were stated and simulated. And then, corresponding prototypes were made and sent to test together with mass production parts in lab. Tests results indicate new design’s strength performances were improved and highly aligned with numerical simulation results. But, some test errors were also found between mass production parts and prototypes. The factors which can impact errors and their weight were analyzed and calculated. In the end, a prediction model of using numerical model to estimate mass production part performance is given in this paper.Â