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Vibration, Coil Spring, Discharge Tube


In Hermetic Compressors, one of the vibration transmission paths from main body to the shell is discharge tube. The main parts of discharge tube are tube part, coil spring on the tube and resonator cap. The end which is mounted to main body is excitation point. The point that tube is fixed to the shell is evaluation point to investigate the transmitted vibration energy to the shell. The coil spring on the tube has two main effects on tube. One of them is the mass effect. In usage of coil spring creates additional mass to the discharge tube and it causes change of natural frequency of discharge tube. The other one is the damping effect. Coil spring on discharge tube creates impact damping effect and reduces kinetic energy of vibrating discharge tube. The coil spring parameters such as spring length, location, diameter, clearance distance, and spring constant which are effects vibration and acoustics characteristics of compressor therefore these parameters should be determined carefully. In this paper, effects of coil spring and coil spring parameters on vibration and acoustic characteristics of compressor are studied numerically and experimentally. The numerical model is verified by using experimental results and then by using this numerical model, works on parameters will be done.