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single screw compressor, lubrication, film force


Single screw compressors are widely used in various industrial fields, however the performance usually drops obviously after thousands of hours of operation due to the wear between the star-wheel and the gate rotor. A lot of meshing pair profiles and manufacturing methods are proposed to solve this problem. Thus, good oil lubrication conditions are conducive to improve the wear resistance of the meshing pair so as to increase the compressor‘s operation life. In this paper, the geometric models of the clearances for both profiles, a kind of multi-column profile and single-column profile for oil flooded compressors are carried out, and a mathematical lubrication model is used to analyses the oil lubrication. Results show that the torques caused by the oil film force on both sides of the star-wheel tooth are unbalanced. The total torques of the analyzed multi-column profile is smaller than that of the single column profile, which indicates a better lubrication condition. The analysis can also be used to optimize the profile design of the meshing pair of single screw compressors.Â