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VRF, Scroll Compressor, High Efficiency, Compact


High-Side Shell(HSS) scroll compressors have been widely used for Variable Refrigerant Flow(VRF) system which is a powerful solution for the cooling and heating of commercial buildings. In order to improve the characteristics of the VRF system, a new HSS scroll compressor has been developed with a novel bearing structure. The core elements of the novel bearing structure are an outer-type bearing mounted on an orbiting scroll and a female-type eccentric journal inside of a shaft. The outer-type bush bearing which is made of engineering plastic without a back steel layer has been newly developed. The new HSS scroll compressor employing the novel bearing structure has a compact size, high efficiency, and low noise level compared to a conventional HSS scroll compressor. In order to confirm the advantages of the new HSS scroll compressor, basic tests and theoretical analysis have been performed in this study.