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variable volume, gas injection, DC inverter compressor, heating capacity, APF efficiency


With the wide promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, the improvement of heating capacity especially at low ambient temperature condition and the working efficiency of room air conditioner become more and more important. Firstly, the purpose of this paper was introduced. Then, the relative techniques like DC inverter, variable volume and gas injection were simply analyzed. Thirdly, a new coupling compressor with these three techniques to satisfy both heating capacity and efficiency demands was indicated. Moreover, the detail design of the coupling compressor was described. At last, the prototype compressor was designed and assembled to validate the effect of this coupling compressor on RAC system. According to the test result, this coupling compressor has significant effect as we expectation when using in RAC system. The maximum heating capacity increasing up to 185% by compare to the base system at -15℃ ambient temperature condition which makes half time consumption at the same room temperature rising. Furthermore, the APF efficiency of the system increased by about 6%.