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lubricant, refrigerant, HC, LGWP, solubility


This paper presents the results of investigations on Low Global Warming Potential refrigerants and R290 solubility with different lubricants. Solubility impacts a lot the final lubricant-refrigerant mixture reaching the bearing lubricant inlet and in the same way can impact compressor reliability on wet vapor flowing back to compressor inlet Experimental data, measured in operating compressors, are compared to static steady state values coming from PVT plots. R407C and R410A, two well-known HFC refrigerants, are added as a reference. This work highlights the differences between dynamic solubility (tests performed in a compressor) and static solubility (from PVT plots). A comparison of the impact on the dynamic solubility has been done when a steering feature is added. This work allows us to define the best compromise between different lubricants in these new applications.