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centrifugal compressor, characteristic, experiment study, surge


The centrifugal air compressor test rig is was designed and established. The experimental study was carried out on the surge characteristics of centrifugal compressor including the pressure in the pipe and the noise characteristics under different rotation speed. The tested results showed that both the suction pressure and discharge pressure fluctuation increase under surge condition and the amplitude of discharge pressure fluctuation is significantly higher than that of suction pressure. In addition, the sound pressure level near the inlet pipe fluctuates under surge condition. The amplitude of sound pressure level fluctuation is increased with the rising of rotation speed. It is relative to the variation of discharge pressure of centrifugal compressor. The total sound pressure level under surge conditions is larger than that of steady working conditions. The change of sound pressure level reflects the changing of filed flow in centrifugal compressor. The signals of sound could be treated as a method to predict the occurring of surge. The experimental results will lay the foundation for the future research on the monitoring surge of centrifugal compressor and development of the surge control method.