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spool compressor, performance data, experimental data


The basic mechanism of the novel rotary spool compressor has been described previously by Kemp et al. (2008, 2010). The device combines various aspects of rotary and reciprocating devices that are currently well understood.  Due to increasing pressure in the global market for refrigerants with very low GWP levels extensive modeling was conducted to explore a spool compressor design for operation on medium pressure low GWP refrigerants in sizes applicable to the commercial air conditioning marker, specifically for application on air and water cooled chillers. The basis for a compressor design in this space is operation on R134a realizing that most low-GWP medium pressure gases are similar in nature to R134a from a compressor design point of view. A new compressor design with specific aspect ratio optimized for operation on R134a has been constructed and tested. The compressor was tested at a range of conditions suitable for evaluation in this application. The current compressor performance is comparable with today’s screw compressors operating in this size range.