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compressor performance, transient condition, compressor modeling.


The performance of reciprocating compressors is usually evaluated under steady-state operating conditions defined in standards. However, the compressor is submitted to quite different conditions in actual refrigeration systems, such as transients associated with the on/off cycling operation. This paper presents a simulation model developed to evaluate the performance of reciprocating compressors during typical transients of refrigeration systems. The model is formed by the coupling of two sub models, one for the compression chamber and the other to calculate the temperatures and mass flow rates in components other than the compression chamber. As the model only simulates the compressor, experimental data was required to provide input from the remaining components of the system. The model was validated by comparing predictions and experimental data of discharged mass flow rate and power consumption of a compressor operating under two transient system conditions. Then, the simulation model was employed to predict the variation of the compressor efficiencies and temperatures during the typical transients analyzed.