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Household invertor compressor, Vibration, Finite element analysis


Vibration is a very important characteristic of inverter compressor, and it’s critical for refrigerator running speeds selection. First, the reasons why the compressor vibrates are discussed, unbalanced forces of comprssor moving parts are the source of the vibration. The flexible parts in the vibration transmission route are also very critical, they are inner discharge tube, suspension springs, rubber grommets, and so on. When the natural frequencies of the system are similar to the source excitation frequencies, resonance will happen, vibrations will be very large. Second, one inverter compressor vibrations were tested, and the results show that the vibrations varied a lot in different speeds and directions. Then the reasons why the inverter compressor vibrations are very large in some speeds are analyzed in the third part. The natural frequencies of shell and grommets system and inner discharge tube were got by experiment or simulation. The results show that those natural frequencies are too close to the soure excitation frequencies in some speeds, that is the reason why the compressor vibrates so large. By the grommets and inner discharge tube redesigns, the natural frequecies are moved far away from excitation frequencies, the compressor vibrations are reduced. The methods suggested in this research are helpful in reducing inverter compressor vibrations.