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Compressor, Refrigerator noise


Recently, greater attention is being paid to refrigerator noise. As we know, compressor is an important part of refrigerator, and it's also a very important noise soure. Based on comparison between compressor noise spectrum and refrigerator noise spectrum, the contributions of compressor noise to the refrigerator overall noise are discussed. Besides compressor direct radiation noise, compressor pressure pulsation and vibration also make great influence on refrigerator noise. A suction and discharge pressure pulsations test bench was built, and then the compressor pressure pulsation data were tested. By compressor suction and discharge pipelines optimization, the pressure pulsations and refrigerator noise were reduced. Vibration transmission path from compressor to refrigerator was investigated, and resonance frequencies on the vibration transmission path were identified. By refrigerator connection pipe optimization, refrigerator noise was reduced.