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revolving piston compressor/generator unit


INTEGRAL COMPRESSOR / GENERATOR / FAN UNITARY STRUCTURE.*) Dr. Nelik Dreiman Consultant, P.O.Box 144, Tipton, MI E-mail: An extremely compact, therefore space saving single compressor/generator/cooling fan structure of short axial length and light weight has been developed to provide generation of electrical power with simultaneous operation of the compressor when power is unavailable or function as a regular AC compressor powered by a power line. The generators and air conditioning or mobile refrigeration compressors are designed and used at present as independent units (portable or automatic standby generator and a compressor of a condenser unit; car generator and AC compressor; generator driven by auxiliary engine and compressor of a trailer refrigeration unit, etc.). Such design makes it necessary to provide a considerable amount of material, installation space for every independent unit and requires separate mounting, wiring and maintenance The present paper contemplates single unit serving as both a compressor and a generator to overcome the disadvantages related to utilization of independent multi-units specified above. The unitary compressor/generator structure is developed by radial integration of a revolving piston rotary compressor with an external rotor electric motor which can function as a motor or as an output generator. The integrally formed revolving piston compressor can be selectively driven by either the compressor electric motor powered by a line supply or by the external driver means when a source of electrical power is unavailable. The compressor driven by the external driver means pumps refrigerant and simultaneously produce electric power for utility by employing the generating mode of the compressors electric motor. Novel revolving piston rotary compressor which provides possibility for such integration comprises the following: a suction gas delivery system which provides cooling of the electric motor / generator and supplies refrigerant into the suction chamber under higher pressure (supercharged); a modified discharge system and lubricating oil supply system. Axial passages formed in the stationary crankshaft are used to supply discharge gas to a condenser, to return vaporized cooling agent from the evaporator to the suction cavity of the compressor, to pass a lubricant and to accommodate wiring for an electric power supply and transmission. An impeller wheel attached externally and spaced concentrically to the spinning piston is utilized to cool the compressor and direct the air over a condenser. The unitary C/G structure employs single electric motor to run the compressor, to generate electric power and to operate the airflow fan. The developed compressor/generator structure eliminates plurality of electric motors, related wiring, and control elements, reduce weight and cost due to exclusion of secondary stators, rotors, shafts and bearings, mounting and fence arrangements. The structure also minimizes the installation space.  *) Patent pending.