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Scroll, CFD, mesh, IDV


This paper presents the results of CFD simulations of the compression process of a scroll compressor. The compressor geometry accounts for the final scroll gas pockets, two Intermediate Discharge Valves (IDVs), the central discharge zone and the upper shell. The numerical model uses a real gas equation of state to determine gas properties during the compression process and accounts for the motion of the orbiting scroll and IDVs using a mesh smoothing and remeshing algorithm. The IDVs are represented as a spring mass system with their movement controlled via the pressure difference around the valve. Appropriate pressure based boundary conditions are used at entry to the third gas pocket and at the exit of the upper shell. An initial analysis of the results has shown that it is possible to achieve time accurate results of the pressure field throughout the flow domain and also determine the impact of the IDVs on scroll performance. The results will also enable a more thorough analysis of the fluid flow and compression process inside the scroll in order to improve its performance.