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reciprocating compressor, manifold, structural analysis, cylinder head


The reciprocating compressor manifold design is very important for the compressor to achieve the goals of energy efficiency, acoustic and reliability. In the same level of importance, the design must take in count the cost related with manufacturing process and raw material. The main components involved in the manifold design are the cylinder, piston, valve plate, valves, cylinder head, bolts and gaskets. The design of a reciprocating compressor manifold is a multifunctional activity, which involves knowledge from thermal, acoustic, structural and tribology areas. The objective of this paper is to present the main aspects related with the structural analysis of the manifold. The main interest is the manifold deformation, but special attention is dedicated to the pressure on the gasket. The analysis is performed by the finite element method, and it involves highly non-linear aspects because of the gasket behavior. The gasket properties are determined by a special experimental procedure. Some experimental results are presented to verify the precision of the methodology used.