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High pressure, twin screw compressor, semi-empirical model, performance


High pressure twin screw compressors have been widely employed in fuel gas boosting and petrochemical industry. Recently, such compressors, whose maximum of discharging pressure is 5.3MPa, are also adopted in high temperature NH3 heat pumps and NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system. However, high pressure twin screw compressors are required to have large capacity, good performance and excellent stability at high operating pressure. In this paper, a semi-empirical model for open-type high pressure twin screw compressor is developed. Experimental research is conducted for identification of parameters, while validation is also made on the accuracy of the model. On the basis of theoretical and experimental research, the performance of the compressor, which includes volumetric efficiency, adiabatic efficiency, discharge temperature and lubricant oil flow rate/temperature, are illustrated. The change pattern of such features on the operating conditions, slide valve loadings and ambient features are then analyzed. Additionally, the stability test results of the high pressure twin screw compressor including the vibration and noise are also shown.