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Single screw refrigeration compressor, Working medium, Thermal dynamic performance, Effect


The single screw refrigeration compressor (SSRC) is widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems due to the advantages of simple structure, balanced forces on the rotor, small vibration, low noise level, high volumetric efficiency and so on. In the SSRC, working medium is an important factor influencing the thermal dynamic performance of the compressor. Restricted by the application environment and the requirements of environmental protection, the types of the working medium used in the SSRC will change gradually in future, this to a certain extent, affect the compressor adaptability for medium and the operation stability and reliability of compressor. Thus the effects of the working medium on the geometric characteristics and dynamic performance of the SSRC must be studied. In this paper, the geometric model of the exhaust port and the fluid flow calculation model of the exhaust process were established for analyzing the influence of the working medium on the exhaust port opening position and the flow resistance loss during exhaust process in the SSRC. A dynamic characteristic analysis model was proposed to calculate the force act on the meshing pairs and the bearings under the working condition as well as the load conditions of the shaft system under the shutdown-starting condition. All analysis results obtained in this paper can be useful for optimum design of the SSRC to improve the operation stability and reliability and the energy efficiency of the compressor with different working medium. The first major section of the manuscript is an abstract. The abstract should describe the contents of the paper, discuss the contribution to the field as well as present the most important results. Authors are responsible for typing accuracy and proofreading the manuscript. If accepted, the manuscript must be submitted for reproduction without being edited or retyped by the staff before printing. The manuscript must look professional and be technically correct in order to be accepted. Â