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BOG compressor, FEA, Starting Process


BOG (Boil off Gas) compressor deals with the gas evaporated from the LNG storage tank. Its working temperature is lower than -120℃. There are two types of starting process for BOG compressor: Direct Starting and No-load Starting. During the starting process, the temperature on cylinder will change rapidly and result in additional thermal stress to some parts on the cylinder, especially to the bolted joints on the cylinder head. In this paper, transient Finite Element thermal analysis is proposed on the cylinder with some improvement of the boundary condition settings, such as the consideration of the ice increase on the cylinder wall. Then, the theoretical and transient FE analysis are proposed subject to the bolted joints of the cylinder head in two starting process. Result shows that the maximum temperature difference on the cylinder is 81.5℃ during direct starting; while it could decrease to 60.9℃in No-Load Starting. Along the bolted joints in the cylinder head, the maximum temperature difference will be up to 52℃ in direct starting and 45℃ in No-Load Starting. The preload increases rapidly over 60% and its mean tensile stress on the bolt is near to the yield strength. Besides, the preload are distributed unevenly during the starting process. The maximum uneven rate is 20% in Direct Starting and 15% in No-Load Starting. It shows that No-Load Starting could offer a more stable starting process. Finally, based on the theoretical analysis, a preload adjustment method is proposed to ensure the safety and validity of bolted joints on BOG compressor.