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Rotary vane compressor, Wing-vane compressor, Compression mechanism, Non-contact vane, Friction loss


Low global warming refrigerants such as HFO (hydro fluoro olefin) -1234yf are attracted as an alternative working fluid in air-conditioning and cooling systems to address global warming. However, it used to require larger compressor size due to the lower fluid density compared with conventional refrigerants such as R410A. Thus, a new wing-vane compressor which has no contraction between the vane and the cylinder is developed to prevent increase in the size without performance degradation. Â Rotary motion of the vane is supported by the partial arc guide on the upper and lower ends of the vane. Revealing the lubricating properties of the guide was one of the development issues. Â So we have analyzed the guide bearing performance such as friction coefficient and oil film thickness with fluid dynamics lubrication model of the guide bearing. And we measured the friction coefficient of the guide bearing by experiment. The analysis model was validated by comparing the simulated friction coefficient and that of experiment. In addition, we examined the effect of the shape of the guide bearing on the lubricating properties. The results are as follows: (1)When the load is applied to the center of the guide arc angle, the friction coefficient of the analysis and experiment result is in good agreement. (2)The friction coefficient of the guide bearing can be organized in Stribeck diagram as well as full journal bearing in the fluid lubrication region.