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Screw Compressor, Operating Characteristics, p-V Diagram, Oil Flow Rate


In this paper, a comprehensive experimental investigation is carried out to evaluate the operating characteristics of a semi-hermetic twin screw refrigeration compressor at different oil flow rates and slide valve positions under various conditions. The working volume pressure of the compressor is recorded by a serial of sensors arranged in consecutive positions in the housing. These measured pressure data are then transformed into an indicator diagram. Based on the p-V diagrams, the effect mechanism of some factors such as evaporation temperature, condensation temperature, slide valve positions, oil flow rates for the suction and discharge end bearings lubricating and oil flow rate returned from the suction pipe on the compressor performance and working process is analyzed. These results can be useful for optimum design of oil flow passage assembly and selection of optimal built-in volume ratio to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration system with semi-hermetic twin screw compressor.