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Scroll compressor, Inverter compressor, high efficiency, energy-saving, air conditioning


We have developed 8HP ~ 20HP high efficiency and high reliability , high-pressure dome type inverter scroll compressors , which are for the building air conditioning use,  to meet the recent increasing energy-saving demand. In addition to the traditional technology, which we employed to achieve high efficiency and high reliability, such as, -The high-low pressure dome structure to suppress the suction overheat - The push-back structure to suppress the increase in the surface pressure by introducing the high pressure oil between thrust sliding surface of the fixed scroll and the orbiting scroll, in this compressors we employed the following technology as well. - The optimization of the orbiting scroll back pressure in order to prevent the turnover of the orbiting scroll even at a low compression ratio operation, - Injection mechanism employing a check valve to achieve high efficiency both at rated condition and a low compression ratio condition, minimizing the dead volume of the compression chamber. Furthermore for the compressors, which are more than 16HP, · The balance mechanism, which suppress the deflection of shaft due to the gas load during the compression and prevent uneven contact of the shaft and the bearing, was adopted. With the new technologies above, as compared with the conventional scroll compressor, in a wide operation range from a low compression ratio operation to high compression ratio operation and from low-speed operation to high speed operation, efficiency and reliability were significantly improved in the APF and IPLV conditions In this paper I describe particularly about high-efficiency technology.