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Electric driven compressor, Oil separator, Vortex finder, Pressure drop


Experimental research about the oil-gas separator was conducted in order to improve the performance of electric driven scroll compressors used in eco-friendly HEV/EVs. The compressor used in the tests was “back pressure” method electric driven scroll compressors using oil. To maintain adequate back pressure, an oil separator in the discharge chamber is required. It is inevitable that the refrigerant passing an oil separator inside a discharge chamber experiences a pressure drop. This pressure drop increases input power, resulting in some decrease of the COP of the compressor. Various parameters of the oil separator— the length of vortex finders; installation angle; and the inlet, outlet diameters— related to the pressure drop were considered. The installation angle and the outlet diameters had no significant effect on the pressure drop; however, a pressure drop decrease in relation to the length of the vortex finder and the inlet diameter was confirmed. As the vortex finder length decreased and the inlet diameter increased, the input power of the compressor is decreased about 4.12% and the COP is increased about 2.66% by the reduction of the pressure drop.