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gas pulsation, design optimization, reciprocating compressor, sensitivity analysis, suction manifold


A new method for the design of the suction manifold of a reciprocating compressor using sensitivity and uncertainty methods was used. The objective was to pick the optimal values of the compressor suction manifold to minimize gas pulsations. The advantage of the method is that the input parameters do not have fixed values but a range is provided. Similarly, the output is specified in terms of a probability density function. Another advantage of this method is that we can set our limit on the maximum values of the gas pulsation that are permissible and then vary the input parameters so that all the gas pulsations are within the acceptable limits. This method also provides a way to compare gas pulsation level at different cylinder locations and how variations in an input parameter affect the gas pulsations at different locations.

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Design Optimization of the Suction Manifold of a Reciprocating Compressor Using Sensitivity Analysis