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Swing compressor, oil-less compressor, rotary compressor


This paper describes the development of an oil-less swing compressor. The swing compressor, also known as a rotary piston pump, is a rotary compressor technology that is akin to the well know rolling piston compressor. The swing compressor differs from the rolling piston compressor in that the vane, which divides the suction and compression chambers is an integral part of the piston. The vane is both rotatably and slidingly supported by bushings in the compressor cylinder. Oil-less compressors are used in applications where it is not permissible for the process gas to be contaminated with lubricants. Examples include fuel cells and medical respiratory devices. The developed compressor was intended for use in portable battery operated devices. Weight, noise, and efficiency were of prime importance. An extensive analytical and experimental program was conducted to develop the technology. For the tested application the swing compressor used 20% less power than a comparable wobble piston compressor. The swing compressor was also approximately half the size with significant reductions in weight, noise and vibration.

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Oil-less Sing Compressor Development