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Rotary Compressor, Discharge Path, Efficiency Improvement


To help raise consumer awareness on saving energy and create more energy efficient appliances, the government is upgrading the requirements of star rating of air conditioners. The enhanced star rating in air conditioners will significantly support the energy conservation and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. The increasing demand for star rated air-conditioners is compelling the compressor designers to develop & optimize more energy-efficient components. This paper deals with discharge port optimization in a rotary compressor, which is heart of an air-conditioner. The existing discharge port is studied & analyzed for the performance in the aspect of its capacity, EER, mass flow rate, over pressure power, area of PV diagram, motor power, valve functioning & stability. The port is redesigned to obtain improved performance, by analyzing the compressor performance parameters. Analysis is performed to study the stresses on the discharge valve and valve lift. Computational fluid dynamics is used to observe the flow behavior & pressure phenomenon in the rotary compressor, since the compressor shell accumulates the discharge gas pressure. The results are validated with the test and improved EER is observed.