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rotor crankshaft cold press


Assembling rotor with crankshaft of a hermetic reciprocating compressor is, normally, heating of the rotor and then putting it into crankshaft. This assembly method allows larger magnitude of interference between rotor and crankshaft. Tolerance band of crankshaft could be relaxed and facilitate the process, however, the process requires heating equipment and higher energy consumption, obviously, this will increase the manufacturing cost of the compressor. In this situation, using cold pressing rotor into crankshaft can avoid the disadvantage mentioned above effectively, moreover, easily mount the rotor at the accurate location. Using of the original design of the rotor and crankshaft cold press will lead large force which may damage the crankshaft. This article presents an analysis about a geometric proposal for the rotor hole that guarantees to withstand sufficient torque, while cold press force is under the crankshaft yield strength.