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orc, screw expander, screw compressor, turbine, low-temperature


Geothermal ORC Systems using Large Screw Expanders Tim Biederman Cyrq Energy Abstract This paper describes a low-temperature Organic Rankine Cycle Power Recovery system with a screw expander a derivative of developed of Kaishan's line of screw compressors, as its power unit. The screw expander design is a modified version of its existing refrigeration compressor used on water-cooled chillers. Starting the ORC development program with existing refrigeration screw compressor hardware has resulted in reduced development time and lower development cost. Lower equipment cost has been realized by assembling the screw expanders in parallel with the higher volume screw compressors. The net electrical output power of the Kaishan ORC screw expander varies from 5kW to 950 kWel which is an order of magnitude larger than the output power of currently available ORC screw expanders. A 300 kWel unit, using R245fa as its working fluid, has been installed and commissioned at Chena Hot Springs near Fairbanks, AK and 4 950 kWel units using R245fa have been started at Lightning Dock in New Mexico. Initial operating experience with these ORC systems will be presented. The paper will conclude with a comparison between screw and turbine driven ORC systems for low temperature waste heat power recovery.

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Utility Scale Geothermal ORC Systems using Large Screw Expanders