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Reciprocating compressor, Thermodynamic losses, Pressure drop


Nowadays, increasing the efficiency of white goods and small house appliances has become necessity as a result of the technological developments, competition and energy policies. As a basic component of the cooling system, compressor is the most fundamental element for determining the performance and efficiency of the system. In hermetic compressors for household refrigerators, one of the major factors of total compressor efficiency is the discharge line flow efficiency. In this paper, the effects of some of the structural changes to flow losses at discharge line of a hermetic reciprocating compressor were investigated experimentally. For this study, 3 different conceptual designs were created based on the discharge line design parameters such as line diameter, resonator volumes and line length. By performing precise pressure measurements and calorimeter tests, performance and pressure drop rates of conceptual designs were compared against the base model and each other of the conceptual design compressors. The result of the experimental studies helps to identify the effect of the discharge line design parameters to the system performance.