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New Rotary Compressor, Dynamics Analysis, Mechanical Efficiency


With the aim of energy saving of room air conditioners, we are addressing higher efficiency of the rotary compressor that is used most in the world. We focused on a new rotary compressor equipped with a mechanism to restrict the rolling motion of the piston, and performed the dynamics analysis. The new rotary compressor has a small pillar at the tip of the vane and constitutes a turning pair of vane and piston, and it limits the rolling motion of the piston. By means of limiting the piston rotation, the heat transfer to the suction process from the compression chamber will be suppressed, and we can expect higher compression efficiency. Before examining the compression efficiency, we performed the dynamics analysis of this new rotary compressor and examined the forces and dynamic behavior of the components, and the mechanical efficiency of the compressor. Then we have following results. (1)We can clarify the contact point between the vane tip and piston in the turning pair by considering the equilibrium of forces and moments acting on the vane. (2)By reducing the diameter of the pillar at the vane tip, the vane tip friction loss is reduced, and the mechanical efficiency is improved. (3)The new rotary compressor has less vane tip friction loss and on the other hand greater friction loss between the vane side and the cylinder in comparison to the rolling piston rotary compressors. As a result, both compressors have almost the same mechanical efficiency.

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Compressor with Turning Paired Vane and Piston