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spool compressor, performance, spool, novel, kemp


The basic mechanism of the novel rotary spool compressor has been described previously by Kemp (2008, 2010). The device combines various aspects of rotary and reciprocating devices currently well understood. A dimensionless variable, the Zsoro number, was developed which represents the geometric configuration of the compressor and has been described previously by Orosz (2012). This number in combination with extensive numerical modeling as described by Bradshaw (2012) has allowed for continued improvement in the spool compressors efficiency and operating range. Compressors tested have nominal capacities on R410a between 1 and 5 tons of cooling capacity at standard air conditioning conditions. A new platform with improved aspect ratio based on these analysis has been constructed and tested as well as optimization of sub-components such as the tip seals, side seals and discharge porting. Improvements in performance will be presented as well comparison to currently available technologies.

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Updated Performance and Operating Characteristics of a Novel Rotating Spool Compressor