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comprehensive model, induction motor, reciprocating compressor


The design of high-efficiency reciprocating compressors requires good understanding of interactions between different phenomena inside the compressor. This paper describes a comprehensive model to predict the performance of reciprocating compressors with thermal-electrical coupling. The simulation of the compression cycle is based on an integral control volume formulation for mass and energy conservation. The thermal model follows steady state thermal energy balances applied to the compressor components by using global thermal conductances. Finally, the equivalent circuit method is employed to simulate a steady-state model of single-phase induction motor. The motor losses are used as heat generation in the energy equation of the thermal model, which in turn provides the motor temperature required to evaluate the windings resistances. Predictions are compared to experimental data under different operating conditions and reasonable agreement is observed.

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Development of a Lumped-Parameter Model for Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor with Thermal-Electrical Coupling