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Scroll Compressor, oil


The main roles of the oil in scroll compressor are to lubricate the friction parts, and to reduce the compressor driving power and to improve the durability of the compressor consequently. However, it has another side that could make decrease the efficiency of the heat exchanger and whole air-conditioning system. In the case of compressor, if the oil is charged too much, the compressor driving power will be increased and the compressor overall efficiency will be decreased. Therefore, the initial charge amount of the oil in the compressor should be determined appropriately. This study has performed to optimize the initial charge amount of the oil on the electric driven scroll compressor for eco-friendly vehicles. We have used a electric driven scroll compressor has a back pressure chamber which make up of oil. About the various initial charge amount of the oil, The remaining oil was evaluated at each of steps of the complex durability test and each of conditions of performance test. The various initial charge amount of the oil had increased 20g at a time from 40g to 120g. Through the evaluation, the optimum amount of the Oil is determined by the back pressure. So we have found the optimum amount of Oil. Also the performance of a system is compared through pulldown test in the actual air conditioning system. We could get the optimal amount of oil which has the best performance in air conditioning system.

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Experimental Study about an Amount of Oil Charge on Electric Driven Scroll Compressor for Electric Vehicle