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Single Screw Compressor, Meshing pair profile, Multi-cylinders compound profile, Prototype performance


In order to improve the wear resistance of the meshing pair in Single Screw Compressor, our team developed the "multi-cylinders compound profile" which could be used in the meshing pair instead of the traditional profile. In this paper, the reliability and utility of the new profile was verified by an experiment. In this experiment, a designed multi-cylinders compound profile meshing pair was applied in an oil-flooded single screw air compressor as the experimental prototype, then the prototype ran 2000 hours continuously in the experimental platform. and the displacement was detected with changing discharge pressure and rotating speed. It is shown that the prototype has a steady displacement, and the energy efficiency grade is very close to the best grade. The displacement is slightly reduced with the discharge pressure arising, but the reduction is far less than the original single line profile meshing pair machine. These prove that the new pair has good sealing performance. A comparative observation on the star wheel profile is conducted at the end of test, and the results demonstrate that the nodular cast iron star wheel new designed has high wear resistant property and good hydrodynamic lubrication characteristic. Thus, the nodular cast iron can be used to make star wheel to reduce the cost of the single screw instead of the expensive PEEK material.

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Experimental Studies of the Multi-column Envelope Profile Meshing Pair in Single Screw Compressor