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Linear Compressor, Noise, Transient Noise


The household appliances market noise levels requirements have rapidly increased in the last years. Despite the traditional approach for defining noise requirements focused on steady-state sound power levels, the transient noise is becoming a key factor in defining sound quality specification. Variable speed compressor technologies lead to a significant advantage on this aspect since in standard operation conditions the compressor runs at relatively low speeds for most of the time. Linear motor driven reciprocating compressors present great advantages since this technology allows dealing with cooling capacity variation without changing the motor speed. This allows also easier and more effective design of lower noise generation. This paper presents the benefits of the variable capacity, linear motor driven reciprocating compressors over rotary motor driven reciprocating compressors, either at variable capacity and fixed speeds. Emphasis is given to the physical phenomena and engineering advantages of the linear motor concept.

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Noise Characteristics Improvements for a New Generation of Variable Capacity Compressor using Linear Motor Technology