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valve movement, fluid structure interaction


Flapper valve design is critical for the reliability of a compressor and the performance of a compressor further the valve has to perform well under several operating conditions. However the movement of a valve is difficult to measure in a compressor running with refrigerant. For that reason numerical models of valve motion are inevitable when designing a new flapper valve. Probably the most promising and accurate way for simulating valve motion is 3D-Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI), however due to the large computational effort it is so far impossible to cover the whole operating range of a compressor. For this purpose so called 1D lumped-models are often used. In this study we compare a full 3D-FSI model and the valve dynamics simulation program KV-DYN, which is based on a 1D lumped model, with laser trigonometric measurements of the movement of a suction valve. Further we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different simulation approaches.