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Rolling-psiton compresssor, effective flow and force areas, simulation model.


The present paper describes a simulation model developed to predict the performance of rolling-piston compressors with special attention to the suction and discharge processes. The relevant input data required by the model, such as clearances between moving parts, valve stiffness and natural frequency and electric motor efficiency, were obtained experimentally. Correlations for effective flow and force areas associated with the suction and discharge processes were derived from flow simulations. It was found that the position of the rolling piston in relation to the suction and discharge ports must be included to fully characterize the effective flow and force areas. Numerical predictions of the thermodynamic inefficiencies associated with a R22 rolling-piston compressor were compared with measurements and good agreement was found at different operating conditions.

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Modeling of Rolling-Piston Compressors with Special Attention to the Suction and Discharge Processes