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rotary, novel, experiment, performance, design


Over the years, rotary compressors have gained popularity and widely used in household and automotive air-conditioning applications because of the compact nature and silent characteristics. By engaging a revolutionary concept to elevate the rotary compressor efficiency, a novel compressor mechanism, named the Revolving Vane compressor is invented. The prototype R134a compressor was designed, fabricated, instrumented and tested. Compressor tests were conducted for varying suction pressures, superheats, discharge pressures and oil circulation ratio. For each test, refrigerant mass flow rate, power consumption, suction and discharge temperatures and pressures were recorded. The new compressor mechanism has been proven for its compression ability and the preliminary measurements show comparable volumetric and mechanical efficiencies to the other existing compressors. In addition, the novel compressor design is outstanding for its cost competitiveness due to mechanism simplicity. It is foreseen that this new compressor will be a great candidate in future air-conditioning and refrigeration market.