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less oil rotary compressor, R290 (propane), refrigerant charge amount


Less oil technique is one of the most important directions of rotary compressor development. This less oil technique research is based on R290 rotary compressor for the purpose of decrease R290 charge amount in room air conditioner to satisfy the demand of IEC standard 60335-2-40. Firstly, the less oil rotary compressor was designed to resolve the oil supply issue, and the CFD simulation of the oil supply structure was validated. Secondly, the oil supply test, compressor performance and reliability tests of less oil compressor compare with original compressor were completed. Thirdly, using the same R290 room air conditioner, the decrease of R290 charge amount was obtained by testing, also the system performance was confirmed. Lastly, the effects of oil charge amount decrease on oil working viscosity and oil film thickness were tested and calculated. The results show that the less oil rotary compressor has good prospect, and the application of less oil technique not only decrease the refrigerant charge amount of R290 room air conditioner effectively but also achieve good performance and reliability of the compressor and system.

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Research and Development of R290 Less Oil Rotary Compressor