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a novel structure, frictional loss, leakage loss


In recent years, various frequency compressors are developed rapidly and successfully in household air conditioner area. However, it is difficult to make advance progress on compressor performance, noise and reliability. The innovation of structure and technique are indispensable impetus to make a breakthrough. This paper presents a novel structure of high efficiency rotary compressor, which focuses on the connection mode between roller and vane of a compressor. On the one hand, the leakage gap between roller wall and vane tip is eliminated, which upgrades the capacity of compressor. On the other hand, through changing movement type of compressor parts, the mechanical state is meliorated and frictional loss is decreased. Several analysis are studied to validate the rationality of the above amelioration, which include strength and deformation simulation, frictional loss and leakage loss calculation. By comparison with conventional compressor, the performance of the novel compressor is improved obviously. In the end, the results of reliability and durability experiments reveal that they satisfy the national standard.