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Stepless, Capacity regulation, Dynamic


Capacity regulation system by controlling suction valve is useful for large scale reciprocating compressor in petrochemical engineering field. The dynamic performance of adjustment device influences the stability and accurancy of this system. In this paper, a mathematical model of adjustment device coupled with the motion of suction valve is built, and the dynamic performances of valve plate are simulated. The results show that the displacement of actuator increases with the hydraulic oil pressure until the valve plate is keeped to be opened. The closing process of valve plate is delayed when the hold time of actuator is larger enough. Although the gas flow rate and power consumption of comressor decrease with the relax angle of actuator, the power is also consumed when the gas is not discharged through the discharge valve. The closing time decreases with the reset spring stiffness but increases with the diameter of hydraulic.

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Dynamic Performance of Valve in Reciprocating Compressor Used Stepless Capacity Regulation System