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scroll compressor, numerical simulation, unsteady flow, compression


Due to the movement of orbiting scroll and leakage in scroll compressor chambers, the unsteady flow has significant influence on compression process. It's necessary to takes account of both flow and thermodynamics process in analysis of compression. This paper has carried out a numerical simulation of the whole compression process in scroll compressor, involving suction, compression and discharge process. By solving mass, momentum and energy equations of the refrigerant, the velocity, pressure and temperature distribution in all compression chambers throughout the entire compression cycle has been obtained, which takes account of all the influence of flow and thermodynamics process. The field quantities have shown nonuniform distribution in every compression chamber, and leakage between different chambers is obvious. Further, the overall parameters, such as mass flow rate, discharge temperature and compression power consumption, have been calculated from the field quantities. The general comparisons between numerical and experimental results show a reasonable good agreement. The research is useful for the optimal design of the compressor geometric structure.

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Numerical Simulation of Three-dimension Unsteady Flow in the Compression Chambers of a Scroll Compressor