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Effective flow and force areas, Discharge valve, Rotary compressor


In this paper, two fluid–structure interaction (FSI) models of the discharge valve are presented to study the effect of partly covering the discharge port by the cylinder and the roller on the effective flow and force areas. One is the full FSI model and another is the simplified FSI model in which the discharge port is not covered and the cylinder shape is simplified to be cylindrical. The pressure in the compression chamber, the displacement of the valve reed, the volumetric flow rate through the valve and the gas force acting on the valve reed head are obtained by the two FSI model. The results comparison between the two FSI models shows the effective flow and force area in the full FSI model are much different from those in the simplified FSI model. The factors which affect the covering area of the discharge port must be taken into consideration in the calculations of these two areas.

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Effective Flow and Force Areas of Discharge Valve in a Rotary Compressor